Sunday, 6 January 2019

Primary school unit test online marks entry start

Primary school unit test online marks entry start 

newton was a great scientist. His father died in his early age.his mother married again and he was brought up by his grandmother.she took much pain in his bringing up.
He discovered the law of gravitation. he dedicated his life to the welfare of mankind. he was kind of all.
Let us know how kind newton was! he used to keep his papers containing his great work on the table. one day letting his dog live all alone in the room,he went for a walk, after a while, the dog jumped upon the candle fell down on the heap of papers. the papers caught fire and burnt to ashes. newton returned and saw his dog diomand standing before his wagging its tail.newton saw the damages done by the dog.he exclaimed,''Diomand,you know nothing about what harm you have done to me!'' he patted the dog and sat down to do his work again.what a great man newton was!

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